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The user of this prototype is the Regulation Authority. The Regulation Authority is an industry owned entity that is tasked with regulating storage reservoirs in the Ångeman River system for the different hydropower operators. Every spring the Regulating Authority is faced with a number of decisions which are affected by the spring flood. For example, if the spring flood is likely to be very large, they may need to lower the reservoir levels more to accommodate the flood to minimise the risk of having to spill water. Until now, forecasts have been climatological in nature which means that the forecasts depict a ‘normal’ evolution of the season from the forecast date. But the by using the HSFS, the Regulation Authority has access to seasonal forecasts based on long-range weather forecasts which are more likely to describe anomalies during the season when compared to a climatological approach.


HSFS provides seasonal forecasts of the spring flood onset and volume (1-5 months ahead) in support of hydropower reservoir regulation planning.